Accounting and Consulting

Accounting and Consulting services:

  • Setting-up Bulgarian companies;
  • Complete daily bookkeeping and accounting services to small and mid-sized enterprises with any kind of activity;
  • Annual financial closing, preparing annual financial declaration and annual financial statement in compliance with the Bulgarian Accountancy Act and Statistics Act;
  • VAT registration – preparing and providing the whole necessary set of documents to the relevant institution;
  • Tax protection and representing your company in front of the relevant authorities in cases of inquiries conducted by Bulgarian National Revenue Agency, National Insurance Institute, Labor Inspectorate, etc.;
  • Preparing forecast statements for future periods;
  • Providing services at a convenient for you location when the practice requires presence of administrative personnel partially or at all times;
  • Preparing additional documents and information on clients request: when applying for a bank loan or for participation in a financial project, by request of a foreign partner, etc.;
  • Providing assistance when consulting а certified accountant, insurance expert, etc.
  • Providing assistance with cases and problems  that might occur in the field of accounting and financial administration.

Payroll and Personnel:

  • Maintenance of payroll records;
  • Managing all related payments in timely manner;
  • Complete employment records and insurance books;
  • Advises on choosing a proper Occupational Health Service and Office of Labor Protection.