Software Solutions

We are an official distributor of  MICROINVEST software products.

MICROINVEST is a company specialized in development, distribution and support of accounting and trade software and managing systems for small and medium enterprises.

Whether you are starting your business in Bulgaria or you want to take it to the next level, we could provide you with successful solutions.  Your accounting department can reduce its time-consuming tasks regarding personnel and documentation and minimize the probability of accounting mistakes. You could increase the efficiency of the managing process of your company.

Now you could automate all activities involving monitoring of goods, currencies, operations and documents. There is an optional integration of surveying systems and your accounting with MICROINVEST software in order to provide you with complete control over your business. Sales control, loyalty system, supervising sales-assistants’ actions, stock reports –  these are just a small part of the tasks which you could complete with this managing system program.

MICROINVEST software products allow data exchange from warehouse, invoice software, etc. towards your accounting. They are also compatible with various accounting products other than MICROINVEST.