Our values

In our practice we rely on four basic points:

1. Our team – the traditionally high quality of our services is result of the professional efficiency and constant improvement of qualification of our team. We believe that’s the only way we can give our best! Attention to detail, getting the core of each matter, the loyal and competent attitude towards our clients and responsibilities is what makes us stand out from competition…And before we know it our professonal relations turn into long-term partnerships and friendships.

2. Information – our activity is consistent with the latest positions in the regulatory framework, concerning the relevant business activity and all requirements in the sphere of accounting, taxation and insurance. At the same time we keep improving in order to keep up with all amendments in the dynamic legislation framework of our country. We get informed from the most reliable sources, we consult with experts in insurance, labor protection, occupational medicine, etc.

3. Technologies – to be able to present competent and adequate to our clients’ needs solutions, we work with advanced technological devices, consistent with the requirements of the relevant authorities – electronic signature, online banking, online communications, etc.

We use Microinvest’s multifunctional software products – systems of new generation for accounting, personnel, invoices and trade. It’s easy to process large amount of information, which makes it suitable for any company that has to handle lots of operations every day. The program is intuitive, meaning it has built-in controls which supports the experienced accountant in his work and takes the admission of accounting error to minimum. And we have the pleasure to be its official distributor!

4. Additional services – we go beyond the traditional accountancy as we offer a wide variety of consulting assistance to subserve your company. We work in close collaboration with attorneys and auditors to provide complete accounting and legal services. For our foreign clients we provide communication in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian and Spanish as well as assistance during their stay in Bulgaria.