The Beginning

We started our business 11 years ago in 2003 when our ambitious ideas and clear concept that we should not simply do things well but in the best way for every single client, grew into the young at that time,team of creative and determined to succeed professionals.

Our basic activity then was intermediation between Bulgarian and foreign companies looking for new markets and providing goods for import and export. That idea evolved and today we offer our partners and clients great opportunities to ensure every winning step: from setting-up a Bulgarian company, through all weaving paths of Bulgarian taxation and insurance, along with accounting document management, up to providing proved and reliable partnerships in various fields.

Now we can proudly state that our experience and team of professionals are our business card, and the success of our clients and business partners – our best  advertisement!

In 2005 we increased the number of our services by starting our accounting activity. Now we can provide complete assistance to any just started or already successful enterprise in Bulgaria.

 In 2009 was born, renowned today for its complete and modern solutions for business and accounting, Beta Consult E. Inheritor and promoter of success and professionalism, fresh ideas and up-to-date solutions as well as reliable partner to each of our clients!

Start your successful, intelligent and reliable partnership today!